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Manchester based singer/songwriter James Collins is in his own words an 'advocate for real music’. Music isn’t just about record sales, anyone can write a meaningless pop song. The beauty of music is how it makes a person feel, whether that be with a specific chord or a special lyric.

Constantly on the search for the perfect song, with poetic lyricism and raw emotional vocals he is on a journey to strike a chord with every listener he has the pleasure of playing for. 

Growing up in Stockport, Manchester ‘JC.’ originally fell in love with the idea of being a musician at the age of 11 after being in awe watching family members rehearse with their rock band in a local pub. The bass guitar was his first weapon of choice and immediately started receiving music lessons from members of the band. However it wasn’t long before he realised he preferred the six stringed acoustic guitar. 


As he progressed musically, he naturally started humming along to the songs he would play on a guitar to keep time more than anything, but this caught the attention of family and friends and he was introduced to the world of vocal tuition at the age of 15. 


At age 17 he started on the Open Mic scene in and around Manchester, sometimes playing 6 nights a week and more often multiple venues one after another on the same night. 


JC has been performing all over the UK for the last 8 years. Hundreds of live performances have helped him develop into a devoted professional with a deep passion for music. 

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